Let us setup your Oracle database, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat , even Oracle E-business suite in Aamazon AWS cloud:

EC2 (Amazon Elastic Cloud) & EBS

We can help you setup, Create / stop and terminate ec2 instances. Creating snapshots from EBS, mounting on EC2 Vertical scaling of ec2 , Setup of security groups, network adapters, Amazon Machine image (AMI), Elastic IP’s etc

RDS: RDS for creating database instances specially Oracle and MySQL

Managing RDS instances from EC2, Using MultiA-Z RDS, Parameter groups, Security Groups, monitoring. Vertical scaling of RDS

VPC: Create an isolated network environment

Create Security Group, Subnet Group, Routing Table, Internet Gateway etc..
Create VPN IPSec tunnel between different AWS VPC and from VPC to cisco devices

S3: Creating / managing buckets , hosting static sites on s3

Creating bucket policies to restrict access

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Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS

Oracle EBS on Amazon AWS

Microsoft SQL Server

EBTS for Microsoft SQL Server provides 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and management services that help in maximizing reliability and performance ensuring seamless operations.

RedHAT & Oracle LINUX Administration

Our professional Linux/UNIX administration services can provide support for your RedHat, OracleSolaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux & IBM AIX OS and Server infrastructure, 24 hours monitoring, troubleshooting, OS upgrades, RPM and patch updates, backups, user & system management. We will ensure nonstop protection & responsiveness.

Technologies we specialize

System Status Monitoring (Up/Down)
Collect Performance and Resource Metrics
Automatic Threshold Comparison of Collected Metrics
Alert! When Potential System Availability issue Discovered
Alert! When Potential System Performance issue Discovered
Alert! When Potential System Resource issue Discovered
Scan System Log Files Daily
Verify Completion of Backups(as indicated in log files)
27x7 Access to EBTS DBA Professionals
DBA Professionals Observing Your System Daily
WK/MM Reports on Case Activity and System Resources
Access to Virtual-DBA Client Web Portal for Metrics Reports
WK/MM Phone Call To Follow-up DBA Support StatusFree SupportWhen ScheduledWhen ScheduledWhen Scheduled

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