How to be a successful Database Professional?

Being a DBA, our ultimate challenge is pay great attention to detail, no matter which vendor’s database we are working on. That is a basic demand in our profession. If we switch a character or two in a script, overlook setting our SID, set a wrong flag at a wrong time, the result at the end is pretty messy. Most of the commands database consultants use commonly are destructive in nature. Every technician who opts to become a database administrator holds great respect in my eyes for this very reason.

Fail-Safe for DBAs

Being human everybody makes mistakes. Successful professionals try to make their works and processes fail-safe or mistake proof. The aim for this is to eliminate defects in the process and to prevent, correct and detect human errors as the happen.

If you notice around you, there are many fail-safes in action in your daily life. For example, the small holes in your bathroom sink to prevent water overflow or the fact that your microwave will stop heating your food as soon as you open its door. The list can go on and on.

At EBTS, we apply fail-safe measures to our daily activities to deliver error free outcomes. Our DBA consultants use checklists, best practices, process documentation, sign-off sheets and stuff like that to make sure there is no error in our working. Here are some general fail-safes we recommend:

Another Pair of Eyes

No matter how experienced and seasoned you are, you’re still a human who CAN make errors. Whether you are making database recovery or creating a backup, let another fellow review your steps and strategy before you commit to a process. Aside from backup or recovery, getting a second opinion in every process you perform will help you avoid making mistakes. Keep your ego aside and get your work checked for critical activities if you don’t want to mess up the outcome.

Time Saving or Problem Creating

Being a database consultant, your work is complex. That means there is no room for error. It is not wise to open up multiple windows simultaneously with a continuous copy, paste and edit routine while switching between windows. It may seem like you are multitasking to save time when in reality you may be creating a huge mess in front of yourself. Similarly avoid using shortcuts to defined best practices. Standard procedures are there for a reason. In your pursuit to save time, do not create a mass mayhem. Stick to the basics and you will succeed.

Safety First Mindset

Whenever you perform a critical or complex activity, think ‘safety first.’ It is not paranoia to put a safeguard or two in place while working, it is being safe than sorry.

Wrapping it up

These are not just some recommendations from seasoned database consultants, these are meant to get you thinking in the direction where you can come up with more ways to prevent problems and be a pro at database administration.

Catch A Glimpse Of Some Amazing Facts About Linux!!

Linus Torvald never knew that his own creation; a personal project of a free operating system would become so popular one day with numerous users preferring Linux and considering it the best among many. What was done with the integration of GNU components to make a functional Operating System, is today among the top choices of the developers.

Below mentioned are some of the amazing facts about Linux that will amaze the both Linux users and the non-users as well!!

Some Amazing Facts About Linux

  • Way back when Linux project begun, it occupied only 65 KB. Today, there are 10 million lines of source code in even a single Linux kernel.
  • The New York Stock Exchange is powered by Linux.
  • Linux is also used extensively by the department of Defence of the US. Furthermore, the nuclear submarines of the state are also run by nuclear submarines.
  • Most of the tech giants Google, Amazon and Facebook for their web and cloud services favor Linux. In fact, they consider Linux as their first choice.
  • To all those who think that once they start using Linux, they will be stuck in one operating system, they are actually unaware of a great plus point. Linux can be used side by side with Microsoft Windows on the same computer using a software called Cooperative Linux (coLinux).
  • Linux is used in Japan’s bullet trains in order to maintain and manage the sophisticated Automatic Train Control System. Moreover, inside Toyota, the In-Vehicle-Infotainment technology (IVI) and other automobiles Linux Platform is used.
  • With the passage of time when it was first put in the open source category, Linux has expanded exponentially. In total Linus Torvald’s codes, account for only 2% of the codes present in the kernel.
  • Behind Linux being called as the King of Supercomputing, is the reason that Linux comes among the 500 fastest supercomputers of the world.
  • Once you think of becoming a developer or when you kick start your education leading to graduation, you are taught mostly the basics including the C language. Have you ever wondered why is that so? It is because the major part of code in Windows, Linux and Mac is written in C language. This is the reason that when you plan on becoming a developer you are first taught the basics.
  • It is on the Linux kernel upon which the best smartphones such as Android and Maemo are built.
  • Linux with its capabilities has managed to have a special place in Hollywood. The amazing visual effects that were observed in Titanic and Avatar were developed in 3D applications on the Linux platform.

Aforementioned were some facts about Linux, that are enough to amaze us that behind the fulfillment of much bigger things is Linux whose following keeps on increasing day by day.