Tips To Accelerate the Performance of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A collection of cloud computing services is said to be as the Amazon Web Services, that all in all builds up a cloud computing platform. Across the world these services operate from 12 geographical regions. Now known as the leading provider of the cloud based computing services, it is in itself a great resource and a platform for web application development. The big names that are associated with AWS as its customers are Adobe, Airbnb, NASA, Netflix, Slack and Zynga.

Tips that would Bring In Faster AWS’s Performance Include:

Performance Planning

In the midst of cloud deployment, some unexpected difficulties can arise. These can include out of the blue costs to maintain, support and run the cloud based application. In such a case an organization or any company will do their best in growing their efforts. But instead of making more efforts, you must do brainstorming and formulate your plans. You must train your members so that they have the knowledge of better application monitoring and management. Moreover, the points that are sneeded to be considered while planning include:

  • Data Movement
  • High Availability
  • Enhanced Networking
  • Storage Types

Being Careful About Load Balancing

Load balancing plays a very important role in distributing requests across multiple application servers. As it is usually known that in any cloud environment, server performance is very variable as compared to using those servers that are controlled directly. Besides any other place, load balancing is very important in the cloud.

In various cloud environments, load balancing plays an effective role in resolving the potential performance issues such as:

  • When you run out of memory
  • When there is inconsistent performance
  • When the system is stuck in bandwidth constraints

Monitor App Performance

As compared to traditional implementations the cloud services are very different and are significant in setting the standards for performance and any other further revision. With cloud services and their amazing performance you will be able to distinguish between an application and its performance on the cloud and the same app’s performance on the servers


Making the most of the Amazon Web Services thereby utilizing the above mentioned tips will give you outstanding results and that too for the long term. Besides this, you will be able to achieve your goals in a easier and flexible manner as compared to when there were much harder to accomplish.

Does Your Database Live Up To The Expectations Of It’s User’s?

There are many points when it comes to the success of an organization. According to some, communication is the most important thing that keeps an organization intact, others think that it is driven by innovation. Whether it is about communication, producing results or innovations, it all depends on the database administrators who are striving to take the organization towards success.  Apart from their efforts, a well designed project management system will help in enhancing an individual’s performance.

There are five ways in which it can be ensured that the database itself and the database project management is exactly in accordance with the client’s expectations.


One thing that is common in sophisticated databases offering a variety of functions such as event registration, membership dues processing, invoicing, publication sales, fundraising, exhibit management is process. When you are kick starting a new database or an upgrade, you must carefully review all your business processes. This will help you in identifying if you have any inefficient or improper procedures in place. If there are any, then you must discuss them with your software developer. You must sit and analyze, as it is possible that your developer must be thinking of some other ideas that are different from yours that you have in mind. This will in the long run help you in making the databases useful.


In order to achieve perfect database project management, proper training and documentation is required from the database administrators end that will help in executing the business plans well. With a database consultant who acquires the knowledge of your processes, it will become a lot easier to document them and develop the training materials.


Garbage in, garbage out is the term that is normally used to refer to the information that is stored in your database. Supposing that the information kept in the database is not accurate or uniformly entered and no amount of reporting or consulting will give the data you need. This is the time period where the data standards should be religiously followed.

In order to develop useful and accurate management reports it is important that you adhere strictly with the data standards. Because it is the data standards, only that will clearly exhibit how to enter data. Moreover, they would also explain which fields are required to be entered and what must be entered to complete a record.


The type of data is totally dependent on the industry or the profession your company serves. This only will let us know that how frequently data in your database changes. If over the year, no updating is done, then there are chances that your databases might contain 50% incorrect information. So, what should be done to make the database project management uniform? In simple terms, data collection should be made continuous. You may go for other methods as well for data updation. The point to be noted here is that, data is an entity for your organization that needs to be frequently updated.


In order to achieve consistent effectiveness, you must know thoroughly what is needed from your database. It all comes under the umbrella of effective database project management; the several functions that a database must provide such as

  • Content management comprising of address, phone, fax and email
  • Membership tracking and invoicing
  • Volunteering activity and much more

Knowing what your needs are at present and in the future will take you a long way leading to an effective database creation.

How to be a successful Database Professional?

Being a DBA, our ultimate challenge is pay great attention to detail, no matter which vendor’s database we are working on. That is a basic demand in our profession. If we switch a character or two in a script, overlook setting our SID, set a wrong flag at a wrong time, the result at the end is pretty messy. Most of the commands database consultants use commonly are destructive in nature. Every technician who opts to become a database administrator holds great respect in my eyes for this very reason.

Fail-Safe for DBAs

Being human everybody makes mistakes. Successful professionals try to make their works and processes fail-safe or mistake proof. The aim for this is to eliminate defects in the process and to prevent, correct and detect human errors as the happen.

If you notice around you, there are many fail-safes in action in your daily life. For example, the small holes in your bathroom sink to prevent water overflow or the fact that your microwave will stop heating your food as soon as you open its door. The list can go on and on.

At EBTS, we apply fail-safe measures to our daily activities to deliver error free outcomes. Our DBA consultants use checklists, best practices, process documentation, sign-off sheets and stuff like that to make sure there is no error in our working. Here are some general fail-safes we recommend:

Another Pair of Eyes

No matter how experienced and seasoned you are, you’re still a human who CAN make errors. Whether you are making database recovery or creating a backup, let another fellow review your steps and strategy before you commit to a process. Aside from backup or recovery, getting a second opinion in every process you perform will help you avoid making mistakes. Keep your ego aside and get your work checked for critical activities if you don’t want to mess up the outcome.

Time Saving or Problem Creating

Being a database consultant, your work is complex. That means there is no room for error. It is not wise to open up multiple windows simultaneously with a continuous copy, paste and edit routine while switching between windows. It may seem like you are multitasking to save time when in reality you may be creating a huge mess in front of yourself. Similarly avoid using shortcuts to defined best practices. Standard procedures are there for a reason. In your pursuit to save time, do not create a mass mayhem. Stick to the basics and you will succeed.

Safety First Mindset

Whenever you perform a critical or complex activity, think ‘safety first.’ It is not paranoia to put a safeguard or two in place while working, it is being safe than sorry.

Wrapping it up

These are not just some recommendations from seasoned database consultants, these are meant to get you thinking in the direction where you can come up with more ways to prevent problems and be a pro at database administration.

Your Business Requires An Effective Database System

Database System And Your Business

A database is a system that has the ability to store information using computer systems in an effective manner. Inside the best database development company, it is like an electronic filing system or library. Database system comprises of storing, categorizing, analyzing and searching the huge data. If your business does not have an effective database system, then it means that day-to-day business processes of your company are slow.

The Importance Of Database

The importance of database system cannot be measured, as it is the intense need of the corporate world, and the best company is the one which has the best database system. Behind collecting account details and using a credit card, there is a strong database system. When any company stores a similar huge data, for instance, various customers’ personal details, it makes sure that it has the right system for it. Gone are the days when companies used to rely on paper-based records and filing system, that sometimes also used to be a cause of missing any important information or file.

You Do Not Need To Be A Tech-Savvy

In order to get the right database system, you do not need to be much tech-savvy. Also a detailed understanding of databases is not the requirement for getting the database development services. All you need is to stay yourself informed about some basic concept and terminologies related to it. Having basic knowledge about database will help you in getting the right work from any database development company.

Difference Between Data And Information

For non-tech savvy people these both words are synonyms, but both these words are taken differently when it comes to databases. Data indicates the raw facts, which can be either numbers or pieces of text. Information is considered as the data which is in structured context. For instance, “the amount of money in a bank account”, in this case, the account’s balance is the information. Information can also be processed and analyzed.


The Schema defines the structure of the database. It manifests how various sorts of information are related to each other and with that it becomes the most important element of the database design.  The schema manifests one part of the database and records storing customers’ personal details, while another part of the database saves each order made by a customer. Mostly each customer makes more than one order, but every order is made by one customer.


Your business needs the best database system without which the day-to-day work of your company will get miserable. In order to get the best and ideal database development services log on to and you will find the experienced database developers. They will build a system which will be according to your business and its needs.

Manage Your Database in an Effective Way

You will have encountered people, who think database management system as other software products such as MS Word. They think database management system software as the software you buy, install and use when you need it. There is a huge difference among database software and other kinds of software. If you wish to get the maximum out of database management system, then you have to properly manage the database. Getting the maximum benefits of database management system requires the professional way of managing database, so try to manage it in the best possible way.

Have You Ever Tested Your Backups?

There are many small organizations, which does not focus on having the backups, and that is the most wrong approach as after your website get crashed, you run after than only one thing and it is its backup. If you do not have proper backup, then you do not have any other option but to redesign your website. In the I.T industry, it is very important that you must have the backup of everything, and whether it is your email system, your file manager system or your database, an automated backup should be made possible to have for the standard practice. Have you checked your backups recently? It may seem that they are running, but do they really exist? So it is better to take some measures regarding that before it’s too late.

Reasons Why An Enterprise Should Chose Red Hat!!

Considering Linux’s numerous advantages and its different flavors, there are many who consider Linux as the best and thus chose it confidently. This blog is written to elaborate why an enterprise should prefer using Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

Precision Time Control

In case your company needs time to be measured in microseconds, a platform is required that works well with Precision time Control. Through PTP clock accuracy over a local area network is enabled. You must know what your work is all about. If for your system, high-speed, low latency applications are necessary, then Precision Time Control is a must.

Application Image Deployment

Make the most of using Docker, a tool which helps in deploying application images with containers. When it is the virtual machine then, each of these containers run the application on it. When you use this there will be no need of deploying a fullblown virtual operating system. Not only this would be very cost effective, it would also make the virtual environment efficient.

Open Hybrid Cloud

Both OpenStack and OpenShift Technologies are supported by Red Hat Linux. Being an open source cloud computing platform, it operates provisioning, management and scaling of cloud computing platforms. Now these two, work together to fulfill the overall task of a Platform as a Service (PaaS). All this help would be easily achieved using Docker as it will let you the avail incredible flexibility that can assist the enterprise in numerous ways.

Enhanced Security

There are numerous security upgrades that makes the role of Red Hat Enterprise Linux very significant. There is a centralized certificate trust store that provides the access for all the major security services. Furthermore, there are also tools in support of the OpenSCP implementation of the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). Developed by US National Institute of Standards and Technology, this protocol serves as a great help in auditing and verifying security configurations.

Virtualization tools

Among plenty of the virtualization tools, the ability to dynamically enable or disable virtual processors in active guests tops the list. Through this, there is a great observation witnessed among the cloud based work loads.

Overall Performance

Above all the reasons mentioned, the most noticeable point for any enterprise using Red Hat Linux would be its overall performance. This point follows its usage bringing as an end result, reliable environments, cost savings and happier end users. In a nutsshell, the performance of your most critical applications will improve remarkably and run more effectively.

Chose Red Hat for your enterprise, as it will let you earn more reliability, security and an improved ROI.