Which Database Is Best For Your Development Company?

Supposing you are a start-up company, looking to implement the strategies you made. You deal with  numerous records that you want to keep a track on, following this you are thinking to implement the idea of a database. On the other hand if you are a large database development company having a mainframe and want to run your database on that mainframe, then also before opting for a database the most important thing would be to decide that which database would go inline or just perfectly with your services.

Below, we have presented for you, short introduction of few databases that will be a great help for you while making the selection:

Relational Databases

MySQL – Among many databases, MySQL is the most used and implemented one. As compared to the former storage engine, MYISAM, it handles read-only with the current storage engine, InnoDB becoming all in all, a mature system. Moreover, if handling massive amount of data, then there are chances of difficulties upon which then TokuDB is considered.

PostgreSQL – When it comes to relational databases, PostgreSQL is the best choice. This database is very extensible, such that it can be greatly used in case of custom procedures.

TokuDB – It is considered as a storage engine for MySQL, MariaDB or Percona Server. Furthermore, it is also considered as a replacement of InnoDB. Moreover, the best thing about it is that it is very good in compressing data.

NoSQL  Databases

MongoDB – Though people hate this database as it is a document oriented one, but its also popular for a couple of reasons such as, its speed, the flexible schema and sharing.

CouchDB – If you are one of those who hate documented oriented databases, then you would find CouchDB much better. It is much like MongoDB except that it is fully ACID compliant on a document level.

Cassandra – A Database Development company can be of the opinion of choosing Cassandra as it is designed to have in control large amounts of data.

Graph Databases

Neo4j – It is a database, in which the prime focus is storing all the data in edges and in nodes. Or in simpler terms, it stores data in graphs. When data is stored in such a manner, many problems become easy in solving.

OrietnDB – This is another graph database, which has almost all the features as Neo4j. One of the difference between OrientDB and Neo4j is that, it is free as it is licensed with Apache 2. Another distinguishing point is that OrientDB supports SQL language wgile Neoj4 has its own query language.

FlockDB – Among full-featured graph databases, in the list of simpler ones there is FlockDB. Not all  graph problems are solved through this database, but besides this it focuses in handling high throughput with low latency.

Comes Down To Which Database is Best!!

Now the question is to choose which type of database? This entirely depends on the purpose for which you wish to use it for. If you want it for a small application, then MySQL or PostgreSQL should be your choice. In case a database development company is looking for the most desirable access time with horizontal scalability then NoSQL databases will exactly give you what you are looking for.

Reasons Why An Enterprise Should Chose Red Hat!!

Considering Linux’s numerous advantages and its different flavors, there are many who consider Linux as the best and thus chose it confidently. This blog is written to elaborate why an enterprise should prefer using Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

Precision Time Control

In case your company needs time to be measured in microseconds, a platform is required that works well with Precision time Control. Through PTP clock accuracy over a local area network is enabled. You must know what your work is all about. If for your system, high-speed, low latency applications are necessary, then Precision Time Control is a must.

Application Image Deployment

Make the most of using Docker, a tool which helps in deploying application images with containers. When it is the virtual machine then, each of these containers run the application on it. When you use this there will be no need of deploying a fullblown virtual operating system. Not only this would be very cost effective, it would also make the virtual environment efficient.

Open Hybrid Cloud

Both OpenStack and OpenShift Technologies are supported by Red Hat Linux. Being an open source cloud computing platform, it operates provisioning, management and scaling of cloud computing platforms. Now these two, work together to fulfill the overall task of a Platform as a Service (PaaS). All this help would be easily achieved using Docker as it will let you the avail incredible flexibility that can assist the enterprise in numerous ways.

Enhanced Security

There are numerous security upgrades that makes the role of Red Hat Enterprise Linux very significant. There is a centralized certificate trust store that provides the access for all the major security services. Furthermore, there are also tools in support of the OpenSCP implementation of the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). Developed by US National Institute of Standards and Technology, this protocol serves as a great help in auditing and verifying security configurations.

Virtualization tools

Among plenty of the virtualization tools, the ability to dynamically enable or disable virtual processors in active guests tops the list. Through this, there is a great observation witnessed among the cloud based work loads.

Overall Performance

Above all the reasons mentioned, the most noticeable point for any enterprise using Red Hat Linux would be its overall performance. This point follows its usage bringing as an end result, reliable environments, cost savings and happier end users. In a nutsshell, the performance of your most critical applications will improve remarkably and run more effectively.

Chose Red Hat for your enterprise, as it will let you earn more reliability, security and an improved ROI.

Catch A Glimpse Of Some Amazing Facts About Linux!!

Linus Torvald never knew that his own creation; a personal project of a free operating system would become so popular one day with numerous users preferring Linux and considering it the best among many. What was done with the integration of GNU components to make a functional Operating System, is today among the top choices of the developers.

Below mentioned are some of the amazing facts about Linux that will amaze the both Linux users and the non-users as well!!

Some Amazing Facts About Linux

  • Way back when Linux project begun, it occupied only 65 KB. Today, there are 10 million lines of source code in even a single Linux kernel.
  • The New York Stock Exchange is powered by Linux.
  • Linux is also used extensively by the department of Defence of the US. Furthermore, the nuclear submarines of the state are also run by nuclear submarines.
  • Most of the tech giants Google, Amazon and Facebook for their web and cloud services favor Linux. In fact, they consider Linux as their first choice.
  • To all those who think that once they start using Linux, they will be stuck in one operating system, they are actually unaware of a great plus point. Linux can be used side by side with Microsoft Windows on the same computer using a software called Cooperative Linux (coLinux).
  • Linux is used in Japan’s bullet trains in order to maintain and manage the sophisticated Automatic Train Control System. Moreover, inside Toyota, the In-Vehicle-Infotainment technology (IVI) and other automobiles Linux Platform is used.
  • With the passage of time when it was first put in the open source category, Linux has expanded exponentially. In total Linus Torvald’s codes, account for only 2% of the codes present in the kernel.
  • Behind Linux being called as the King of Supercomputing, is the reason that Linux comes among the 500 fastest supercomputers of the world.
  • Once you think of becoming a developer or when you kick start your education leading to graduation, you are taught mostly the basics including the C language. Have you ever wondered why is that so? It is because the major part of code in Windows, Linux and Mac is written in C language. This is the reason that when you plan on becoming a developer you are first taught the basics.
  • It is on the Linux kernel upon which the best smartphones such as Android and Maemo are built.
  • Linux with its capabilities has managed to have a special place in Hollywood. The amazing visual effects that were observed in Titanic and Avatar were developed in 3D applications on the Linux platform.

Aforementioned were some facts about Linux, that are enough to amaze us that behind the fulfillment of much bigger things is Linux whose following keeps on increasing day by day.