Top 10 Reasons that Qualify in Choosing Linux Over Windows

Are you an unhappy Windows user? Fed up of the problems you usually face like poor technical support, virus susceptibility, high resource requirements and looking forward to pursue your thought of switching to some other operating system? Then you are absolutely thinking in the right direction. But the question is where to switch to? This blog is written in recommendation of using Linux operating system.

Below we have presented some reasons that you will help you in choosing Linux; the next operating system to switch to.

Why Switching to Linux is a Perfect Decision!!

Let’s dig in the reasons and find out why one should move to Linux and give up using Windows:

It’s Free

While using Microsoft, you will be asked to upgrade to Windows 8.1/10. This means that, just for the operating system you will have to spend some amount of price. While on the other hand, in case of Linux, the operating system is completely free.

 Very Much Secure!! No Antivirus needed

A Windows user since years, you might be well aware that in it, having or not having an antivirus is not a difference at all. Even with an antivirus your system is at risk. Moreover, in case of any premium version of antivirus, you will have to face a constant alert messages highlighting about threats.

Come into the Linux world, where all these viruses are nothing but an alien. You would not have to require any sort of antivirus in case of Linux operating system. Moving on to Linux, your money will be saved as in a shield like system no antivirus would be required.

Its Compatibility with Lower end Hardware

With the latest Windows 8.1 and 10 releases, there are some who still prefer using Windows XP. 1GB of RAM is required if you are running Windows 7, 8 or 10. And when you run minimum configuration on them,  then you may find them extremely slow and unusable. Many consider buying a new PC when their system is unable to meet the required criteria.

However, when using Linux there would be less or no need of any heavyweight computer system. In short, there are no hardware constraints in case of Linux.

Very Easy to Use

It is a misconception that to use Linux you need to be a computer genius. This is not the case, infact, you will have all the tools and the functionality that you looked for in Windows.

About Drivers

It is very common that all the Windows users have to struggle with divers. For many things you have to have a separate driver. On the contrary, most of the drivers are directly supported by the Linux kernel, which lessens your struggle that you had to think upon in case of Windows.

It is Good Looking!!

As compared to Windows, Desktop Linux is way more better giving the users a great user experience with its good looks.

Software Repository

Most of the desktop Linux operating system have their own software repository,  where all the libraries can be  found on a single place instead of searching on the internet.

Updating Process

Ask the Windows users and they will tell you their painful story about the frequent update notifications. Other than the system’s updates, the softwares that may have installed will also have their updates. Adding to this, not forgetting the Java, Adobe or iTunes pop ups.

You will be regularly notified about the updates in Linux. But these notifications are like a cool breeze. You would not have to wait at the shut down time or the start time for these updates. All in all, updating in Linux is only a matter of click.

Linux Gaming

Gaming in Linux could be said as a constraint. But now, there are a wide number of games available in Linux. Moreover, there is a PlayOnLinux site that will, give you the advantage of playing Windows only games on Linux.

Linux’s Community Support

This is the best thing about Linux. Once into the Linux world, you will never feel alone. There are numerous how-to blogs and forums that will help in clearing your doubts and provide you a way out whenever you are stuck.