We have extensive experience planning and implementing database projects to meet your technical and business needs. While database consulting companies may dictate the right path, our DBA experts integrate themselves into your internal team to understand your company and develop a practical solution best suited to your environment and business goals.

You will save the time of developing a brand-new database project plan and money in avoiding the pitfalls of new implementations while also ensuring that your company’s unique needs are met.

All database projects are unique, requiring an in-depth understanding of the project at hand and the database environment. The project assignments can range from subsections of a larger project or entire departmental initiatives. They can be driven by application needs or developmental efforts. Projects can be forecasted strategically or can be an immediate unanticipated need. Regardless, EBTS Inc. offers the database project support that can react, plan and implement any type of DBA project.

Bundled Project Delivery:

Some of our clients need multiple small database projects as a single statement of work or have requested a structured long-term agreement that suits their budget and hedges against future emergencies. In response, we can discuss various options to determine which project options are best suited for your company needs.

Examples of Database Projects:

Oracle SUN Solaris

Our Oracle Solaris O.S. administration provides superb server virtualization, security, storage & hardware support to ensure maximum responsiveness and ultimate protection.

Microsoft SQL Server

EBTS for Microsoft SQL Server provides 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and management services that help in maximizing reliability and performance ensuring seamless operations.

Technologies we specialize

System Status Monitoring (Up/Down)
Collect Performance and Resource Metrics
Automatic Threshold Comparison of Collected Metrics
Alert! When Potential System Availability issue Discovered
Alert! When Potential System Performance issue Discovered
Alert! When Potential System Resource issue Discovered
Scan System Log Files Daily
Verify Completion of Backups(as indicated in log files)
27x7 Access to EBTS DBA Professionals
DBA Professionals Observing Your System Daily
WK/MM Reports on Case Activity and System Resources
Access to Virtual-DBA Client Web Portal for Metrics Reports
WK/MM Phone Call To Follow-up DBA Support StatusFree SupportWhen ScheduledWhen ScheduledWhen Scheduled

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