The On Call DBA services by EBTS help meet the extra database management requirements for our Managed DBA and Nonstop DBA clients. As an added service to the basic database administration EBTS gives detailed solutions to ensure reliable data performance and enhanced database operations. Since this service is not needed every day, so you only pay on as needed when needed basis. On Call DBA gives comprehensive and quick administration support on an hourly, pay-as-you-go basis. Common services include:

Updates & Implementations

We create, migrate, patch and upgrade the database and its components, including:

  • Component installations & patches.
  • Data & object migrations.
  • Data relocation & refreshes.
  • Platform installation & upgrades.
  • Specification & database creation.

Analysis & Improvement

We discover, recommend and execute the system-related database improvements, including:

  • Performance analysis
  • Recommendations & remediation
  • Database index tuning
  • Database reorganization development
  • Resource mentoring
  • Statistical updates

Security & Object Administration

We make modifications to the database related user accounts, objects and processes, including:

  • Database object creation & alterations
  • Database privileges grants & revokes
  • Export/ import creation & execution
  • User account maintenance & creation

Business Continuity Planning

We prepare, create and test the database specific backup and recovery-related processes, including:

  • Backup & recovery process development
  • Disaster recovery test preparation
  • Disaster recovery scenarios testing
  • Replication setup & administration

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c RDBMS

EBTS has some of the best, most respected Oracle E-Business & Database professionals in the industry, available on-demand to manage, design, support, and optimize your most complex, challenging, and mission-critical Oracle database environments.

Oracle E-Business Suite 11i & R12

We extend the value of Oracle® E-Business Suite that deliver exceptional database performance, maximum uptime and application performance and business process expertise.

Technologies we specialize

System Status Monitoring (Up/Down)
Collect Performance and Resource Metrics
Automatic Threshold Comparison of Collected Metrics
Alert! When Potential System Availability issue Discovered
Alert! When Potential System Performance issue Discovered
Alert! When Potential System Resource issue Discovered
Scan System Log Files Daily
Verify Completion of Backups(as indicated in log files)
27x7 Access to EBTS DBA Professionals
DBA Professionals Observing Your System Daily
WK/MM Reports on Case Activity and System Resources
Access to Virtual-DBA Client Web Portal for Metrics Reports
WK/MM Phone Call To Follow-up DBA Support StatusFree SupportWhen ScheduledWhen ScheduledWhen Scheduled

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