Why Switch Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Oracle E-Business Suite is imperative to any big enterprise. The business applications provided in the Oracle E-Business Suite help enterprises in managing finances, customer relationships and supply chains. Such Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) are typically hosted.

However, recently there has been an increase in migration of the ERP systems to cloud infrastructure. This decision is often a culmination of multiple reasons, which includes cost and many other logistic factors. For instance:

  • ERP hosting needs periodic hardware refreshes which can be very expensive.
  • Renewals of ERP contracts lock you in for approximately 3-year periods, which can be very inconvenient.
  • New ERP deployment requirements are a tough nut to crack
  • Hosted ERP can be very inflexible in company mergers –the integration is hard to implement seamlessly.

All of this points towards a strategic decision to migrate to a cloud infrastructure. The flexibility, superiority, security, and cost benefits of a cloud infrastructure far outweigh that of the hosted ERPs.

Ebts USA –Your Oracle EBS to AWS Expert

Enter Ebts USA.

We are your one-stop solution to a seamless EBS migration to Amazon Web Services.

Why do we think we are your best solution? There are many reasons:

  • Certified Oracle Platinum Partners:

Our specialization in Oracle EBS and Oracle Database makes us official Oracle Platinum Partners.

  • Certified Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partners:

Our Consulting Services are recognized by AWS with a specialization in Oracle Competency.

  • A History of Well-delivered EBS-AWS Cloud Migrations

Ebts USA has completed numerous Oracle EBS migrations to AWS.

Key Features of Services

Ebts USA helps you jump onto cloud hosting in a seamless and effortless way. Here is what you get when you get onto cloud services through Ebts USA:

  • Lesser Costs:

A marked difference in ownership costs compared to on-premises hosting solutions

  • Better Performance:

Higher performance of ERPs, which helps you organize complex enterprise operations

  • Stronger Security:

Higher security on the AWS cloud, at par with the industry standards and requirements

  • Greater Availability :

Higher availability and reliability of systems compared to the on-premises hosting

A Revolutionary Approach

Deliver Your EBS as a Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) –Install, Manage & Maintain in an Entirely Different Way

Ebts USA helps enterprises take a revolutionary approach to EBS Hosting. The cloud infrastructure deploys Oracle EBS in a unique way. The EBS is delivered as a ‘Cloud Infrastructure as a Service’, also known IaaS. This enables the application to be installed in an entirely different way, as there is no on-premises server involved. This unique way of installing, managing, maintaining the system allows for greater efficiency in managing complex solutions.

What Is Covered In Delivering This Solution?

When you sign up for Ebts USA migration services, this is what we provide:

  • Pre-Migration Assessment:

A thorough assessment of the existing Oracle EBS to help develop a blueprint for migration to the cloud server

  • Customized Cloud Infrastructure Design:

An in-depth design of the AWS cloud infrastructure, keeping in mind performance, security requirements and costs

  • Migration:

Migration of the existing Oracle E-Business Suite or building a new Oracle E-Business Suite on the Amazon Web Services, from scratch (if required)

  • Management Services:

Providing Cloud Management Services which help the client operate the Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS.

What Sets Ebts USA Apart?


  • Certified Specialists of Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Database, Oracle Business Intelligence, Database Security and SOA
  • AWS Premier Consulting Partner with Oracle Competency, and Managed Service Partner Competency


  • Ebts USA has ample experience in well-delivered Oracle Apps Migrations. We have managed production workloads on AWS and migrated dozens of EBS to AWS.

First To The Market

  • We are proud to be the first service provider, all over the globe, to manage EBS migrations to AWS.