Amazon AWS Resume

Experience in supporting dozens of Amazon AWS implementations including Amazon EC2 (IaaS) and all Amazon RDS (DBaaS) offerings. Amazon AWS services include provisioning, implementation, migration and ongoing administration and monitoring support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora. Very strong in Amazon AWS provisioning, administration, monitoring and troubleshooting. Experience in data migrations, backup and recovery, geographic data replication (Region and Availability Zones), CloudWatch performance monitoring, system tuning and disaster recovery configuration and execution. Please note that the AWS specific skills and toolsets listed in the Skills Section are in addition to EBTS’ database administration competencies.

  • Support over 430 Remote DBA Clients
  • Expertise in all Major IaaS and DBPaaS Platforms
  • Support for Amazon EC2 (IaaS) and RDS (DBPaaS)
  • DB Services for All Amazon RDS DB Products
  • Cloud Migration Analysis and Implementation
  • On-Premises/Cloud Data Integration

Implementation and Migration Skills:

  • Amazon Online Cost Calculator
  • RDS and EC2 Provisioning
  • Cloud Data Migrations
  • Application Test Plan Assistance
  • DB Migration Compatibility Analysis
  • Data Synchronization

Amazon Administration:

  • EC2-VPC and EC2-Classic
  • DB Instance Class Configuration/Scaling
  • DB Parameter Groups
  • Amazon Storage Type Administration
  • DB Subnet Groups
  • DB Instance Management
  • DB Option Groups
  • RDS Maintenance Window

Amazon High Availability Administration:

  • Region/Availability Zone Configuration
  • MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL Read Replicas
  • Multi-AZ (HA) Deployments

Amazon Security Administration:

  • Access Control/IAM Policies
  • DB Security Groups
  • IAM and DB Account Management
  • SSL Support
  • Amazon Security Groups
  • VPC Security Groups
  • RDS Encryption Configuration
  • Database Auditing

Amazon Monitoring/Event Management:

  • CloudWatch Alarm Administration
  • Amazon Database Log Files (DB Events)
  • Performance Tuning
  • CloudWatch Logs and Events
  • RDS Event Management
  • Problem Analysis Resolution

Amazon Backup and Recovery:

  • Database Backup/Recovery
  • Automated Backup Configuration
  • Backup Retention
  • DB Snapshot Administration
  • Backup Window

Technical Skills

Cloud Architectures Support for Amazon IaaS EC2 and Amazon DBPaaS RDS
DB Products Support for Amazon RDS Database Products and Versions
Amazon Features Multi-AZ Deployments,Region/Availability Zones, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL, Read Replicas, Amazon DB and VPC Security Groups, RDS Encryption, RDS Maintenance Windows, DB Snapshots, Backup Windows, CloudWatch
Tools AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Key Management Service, Amazon RDS Console, Amazon RDS API, Amazon Event Notification, Enhanced Monitoring Option