What people are saying about us

“I want to express my highest recommendation to EBTS for their support in the development of our flagship product, Event Net. Clearly they are an asset for any team.”
Riley Medland
“I sometimes wish you guys did more than Oracle Databases & Linux . You guys have been the best vendors we’ve had.” Dependable and reliable.
Robert C. Pinto
I am highly impressed by the product offerings of EBTS. One single database covering all our needs from membership to accounting to event registration to web integration, how cool is that. This has allowed optimal productivity for us.
Alfonso Gonzalez
EBTS has proven to be critical assets on our various projects. The experience, commitment and professionalism to their profession they demonstrate have been a priceless addition to our projects. Thanks to them, our production projects are on track and they have been a great help in timely delivery of new, mission-critical applications.
Ashley Albert
“We have many vendors but none matches the quality of service at the affordable prices that EBTS offers.”
Dean Murphy
First, you guys are great. Your response times and thoroughness of work is truly outstanding.Thank you so much for the clear, concise outline of your findings…
Isabel Clemens
All looks good. Feels great to get this behind us with the upcoming go-live being just around the corner. I very much appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears you put into setting us up and validating that everything is working as designed. Great job!
Jamal Williams
Team EBTS worked closely with us. They studied our business processes minutely and their implementation of the solutions was incredible. We now have a better equipped system to facilitate our members and customize our offerings to the diverse needs of our various members. will Recommend their services!!.
Paul Smithson