Customers are attracted to our DBA and OS Managed Services model because of the speed at which they can
get live and begin using their software investment, reduced total cost and our predictable service model. EBTS
maintains its Manages Services customers by providing a highly skilled service desk capable of not only
resolving technical issues but also providing insight and answers to functions and "how-to" questions.

  • Oracle DBA and AppDBA support for All E-Business Suite components
  • User administration
  • Application administration
  • Incident management
  • Application change management
  • Service Request management
  • 24/7 Support
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Management
  • Managed Disaster Recovery
  • Type 2 SOC II Certified operating controls


  • Tremendous scale – over 50 events per second handles by our team in Managed
    Services Platform (VCAMP)
  • Fast- average transaction speeds
  • Completely transparent
  • Global customers using our cloud migration strategy
  • Customers depend on our aviablity and response time for their critical DBA/OS needs
  • Secured with  Certified operating controls
  • Global Staff of over 50 professionals investing over 100 hours a year in professional